Frequently Asked Questions

What are our opening hours?

Opening hours for the boutique:

Saturday to Wednesday, from 9h till 18h;
Thursday to Saturday, from 9h till 21h.

Summer Hours (1 May till 20 August)

Monday to Wednesday, from 9h till 18h;
Thursday to Saturday, from 9h till 22h;
Sunday, from 9h till 21h.

Holiday opening hours

24 December, from 9h till 17h;
25 December, closed;
26 December, from 11h till 17h;
27 to 30 December, regular hours;
31 December, from 9h till 17h;
1 January, closed;
2 January, from 11h till 17h;
3 January, return to regular hours.

Opening hours for Salon de Thé and Terrace

(Open every day until 30 minutes from closing of the boutique)

What types of chocolate do we have?

Our Pralines:

Hearts: hazelnut praline (White, Milk or Dark); Fleur de Lys: hazelnut and almond praline (Milk or Dark); Feuilletine praline (Milk or Dark); Boxes: crème fraîche with hazelnut praline topped with coffee ganache (Milk or Dark); Star: crispy praline (puffed rice) hazelnut and almond (White, Milk or Dark); Praline Bouchée: hazelnut praline with crème fraîche and crushed, caramelised nuts (Milk); Cuvette: hazelnut crème fraîche (ne peut pas composer le mélange à offrir car se conserve 2 jours uniquement);

Our Coffee Chocolates:

Manon: crème café mocha with or without whole roasted hazelnuts (White); Ballotin: crème fraîche au praliné noisettes surmontée d’une ganache café (Milk or Dark); Irish Coffee: vanilla cream on whiskey coffee ganache (Milk); Brasilian Coffee: coffee crème faîche with crushed, caramelised Brasil nuts (Milk); Coffee Grains: Ground espresso and chocolate (Milk or Dark);

Our Truffles:

Cognac; Rum; Rum Marzipan; Nature; Strong (70% cacao); Ginger; Tea; Vanilla;

Our Alcohol Chocolates:

Peach Schnapps (Dark); Cerise à l’eau-de-vie (Dark);  Cerise broyée dans mousse chocolat avec kirsh (Dark); Grand-Marnier (Milk or Dark);  Truffles: Cognac, Rum, Rum Marzipan;

Our un-missables:

Crème noire: dark chocolate mousse (White or Dark); Picotine: Crème noire on marzipan (almond paste) (White); Nougat and Pistachio (Milk or Dark); Butter Caramel (Milk or Dark); Pure Chocolate (White, Milk or Dark); Souris: vanilla crème fraîche on marzipan (almond paste) (White);  Carapane: caramel and grilled pecans (Milk or Dark); Maple: maple syrup cream (Milk or Dark);

Our fruit chocolates:

Orangettes: candied orange peel enrobed in dark chocolate; Mendiant: pastille de chocolat avec noisette grillée, amandes grillées, raisins secs, ou autres…(White, Milk or Dark); Raspberry Mousse (Milk or Dark);  Mousse Orange (Milk or Dark);

What are the cake prices?

Pineapple Dacquoise (summer season)

6″ (4 pers.): 19,00$; 7″ (7 pers.): 23,00$; 8″ (10 pers.): 34,00$; 9″ (12 pers.): 43,00$.

Maple Syrup Dacquoise (maple syrup season)

6″ (4 pers.): 19,00$; 7″ (7 pers.): 23,00$; 8″ (10 pers.): 34,00$; 9″ (10 pers.): 43,00$.


5″ (4 pers.): 10,50$; 8″ (6 pers.): 17,25$; 9″ (10 pers.): 26,50$.

Raspberry Mousse

6″ (5 pers.): 16,00$; 7″ (7 pers.): 22,60$; 8″ (10 pers.): 31,50$; 9″ (12 pers.): 42,00$

Oranger (Christmas season)

6″ (5 pers.): 18,00$; 7″ (7 pers.): 22,60$; 8″ (9 pers.): 30,00$; 9″  (12 pers.): 39,60$.


4.5″ carré (4 pers.): 15,00$; 6.5″ carré (8 pers.): 26,25$


4.5″ carré (6 pers.): 20,00$; 6″ rond (7 pers.): 23,30$; 7″ rond (10 pers.): 33,00$; 8″ rond (12 pers.): 40,00$; 8″ carré(16 pers.): 53,00$


4″ carré (5 pers.): 16,00$; 6″ carré (7 pers.): 23,50$


6″ (6 pers.): 20,00$; 7″ (7 pers.): 25,00$; 8″ (9 pers.): 30,00$;

Trois chocolats

4.5″ carré (4 pers.): 15,00$; 6″ rond (5 pers.): 19,30$; 7″ rond (7 pers.): 24,50$; 8″ rond (10 pers.): 35,00$; 8″ carré(15 pers.): 51,50$

Délice au chocolat (without added sugar)

6″ (8 pers.): 24,00$; 7″ (10 pers.): 31,00$;

What are our wedding cakes?

Tiered wedding cakes (without columns) for 10 to 200 guests.

Three cakes:

  • Trois chocolats (chocolate cake with light chocolate cream)
  • Piémontais (hazelnut meringue and chocolate génoise interspersed with chocolate mousse and fine praline)
  • Opéra (Joconde biscuit soaked in coffee syrup, interspersed with coffee ganache and coffee butter cream)

Five finitions:

  • Chocolate (masse à glacer qui offre un fini brillant (Dark Chocolate, Milk or White): 4,50$/ pers.;
  • Crushed almonds (masse à glacer garni de morceaux d’amandes (Dark Chocolate, Milk or White): 4,75$/ pers.;
  • Velours ( ”shooté” de chocolat qui donne une fini velouté  (Dark Chocolate, Milk or White): 5,50$/ pers.;
  • Régalisse (fondant (pâte de sucre) qui permet une finition blanche et n’influence pas le goût du gâteau): 5,00$/ pers.;
  • Almond paste (gives a brilliant white finish and adds a rich touch of almond to the cake. Especially delicious with the Piémontais): 6,00$/ pers.

What is Maltitol?

Sugar derived from malt that doesn’t require insulin for the body to metabolize.

What are the prices for the Mini-Golf?

Child 7 years and under (accompanied by a paying adult) ……. 1,30$

Child 7 years and under (not accompanied by a paying adult) ……. 3,25$

Child 8 to 15 years ……. 4,55$

Adult 16 years and older ……. 6,50$

Retired ……. 4,55$

Family (2 adults + 2 kids) ……. 19,50$    (+ 3,25$/supplementary child)

Group of kids (15 children and more) …….. 3,25$/child    (+ 3,25$/accompanying adult)

Group  of adults (10 people and more) ……. 4,55$

Please note that children age 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Thank you.

What flavour of ice creams do we have?

Ice Creams

Choco-Bananne, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Brownies and Nuts, Coffee, Coffee and Chocolate Biscuits, Scotch Caramel, Chocolate, Choco-Mint, Maple and Pecan, Strawberry Cheescake, Nougat and Almond, Orange and bitter chocolate, Berry, Pistachio, Praline, Vanilla …


Cocoa, Cherry, Lemon, Raspberry, Mango, Pear …

Please note that we reduce our assortment in winter. Thank you.

Why are there several La Cabosse d’Ors in the world?

The name La Cabosse d’Or was created by Jean-Paul et Martine Crowin in 1986, in Belgique.

Le master chocolateer who taught them the ancient Belgian methods of creating chocolate, and his apprentice who moved to Noumea, asked the Crowins if they could use the name.

That’s why there is a La Cabosse d’Or in Belgium, in Nouvelle Calédonie, and here in Québec, Canada.

But the similarity ends with the name, because Jean-Paul et Martine adapted the three recipes they learned to satisfy the taste of Quebecors and have since created a range of more than 100 pralines, tablets and more!

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