To work in a chocolaterie is to immerse yourself in a magical universe. Not only is it magical to work amongst all the divine chocolates, pastries and other treats, but it gives great pleasure seeing the clients so happy and the recipients of their gifts so happy, too.

Whether you work in production, customer service, adminstration or maintenance,  all our staff are invited to immerse themselves in this magical universe.

What distinguishes us from other chocolateries, costumes, ambiance, decor and quality of our products aside,  is the outstanding customer service our employees offer our clientele.  People come from far and wide to visit us, and what pushes them come come back is the feeling of welcomeness, warmth and recognition every time they visit.

Are you someone who is engaging, respectful and enthusiastic? You want to work for an enterprise where positivity, commitment, professionalism, and dedication are king? Then our chocolate family is for you!

Chocolateers/Pastry Makers

Production team mission:

Make handmade chocolates, bars, ice cream, or cakes, biscuits, and pastries. Manage storage and quality. Complete orders. Manage timekeeping with products, so they can be stored. Identify production waste. Examine profitability and efficiency at every step and look for improved ways (speed and efficiency), while always respecting rules of hygiene, safety and quality.

No positions currently.


If you like to charm people with good humour and a smile;

if you take pleasure in identifying the needs of others and act swiftly;

If you are always ready to communicate, inform, and help people above what is required;

If you understand that customer service is a role that we stay in as long as we’re in our costume,  leaving personal lives behind;

If you can turn a moment of customer dissatisfaction into a happy experience, impressing with your patience, professionalism and help;

If you understad the importance of all these things in customer service, you are in the right place, and we are happy that you’ve chosen to join us and contribute to the great reputation of our company.

Permanent full-time weekend management positions available. Schedules vary from 32 to 36 hours per week, in order to bridge the gap between weekdays and weekends.