Almond Chocolate Glazed Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake ( no column ) with an almond bits chocolate icing  : Milk,White or Dark Chocolate glaze

Three sorts:

Trois Chocolats ( Chocolate cake, frothy chocolate cream);

Piémontais (Hazelnut meringue, hazelnut praline mousseline, chocolate mousse, chocolate cake);

Opéra (« Joconde » almond cake, coffee creamed butter, chocolate coffee ganache).

Wedding cake from 10 to more than 150 people.(Price /pers)

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Magnificent wedding cake topped with chocolate almond bits and finished with a milk, white or dark chocolate glaze.

Three sorts:

Trois chocolats (Genoise chocolate cake filled with light chocolate whipped cream and finished with chocolate icing).

Piémontais (Layers of hazelnut meringue, dark chocolate mousse, Genoise chocolate cake, praline mousse and chocolate icing).

Opéra (rich layers of almond Joconde cake, coffee-flavoured butter cream, coffee ganache and chocolate icing).

Wedding cakes are available for 10 to 150+ people. (Price per person).

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